Company Introduction

Prime Gold Group

Established in 2019, Prime Gold Ltd is the first batch of approved gold digital compliance and application companies, One Belt and One Road transaction quota planning company, and the official recruitment of limited partners for the Hong Kong government’s 2020 digital gold limited partnership fund project, one of the certified enterprises. With strong strength and a forward-looking international business perspective, Prime Gold Group will create high-quality digital gold products for you. At the same time, we will use digital gold as a medium to build a global DG financial community, integrates a sustainable digital gold ecological industry chain, and helps you navigate the precious opportunity of gold investment in the current wave of digitization has made assets stable and accessible and welth appreciation.

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1 PGT = 1g Au

1 PGT = 1g Au

A digital certificate of physical gold in a specific format. 1 PGT immutably anchors 1g physical gold with a purity of 999.9‰, and the corresponding physical gold will always be in third-party custody.

It brings a new experience to all gold lovers. It is a new tool and new product for gold consumption and investment. And it is of great significance to the upgrade of the entire gold industry.

Mission & Vision 我们的目标和理念

Technical advantages

– Blockchain technology

– Self-developed ecosystem

– Multi-terminal system, including Web, Android, iOS App – Support dual payment with legal currency and digital currency

Product advantages

-There are a variety of product combinations

-Stable product supply channels

-Products have price advantages

-Mature digital solutions

-High product safety

-Provide a way to integrate with traditional business

Marketing advantages

– Gold digital solutions, no mature market products yet

– Both 2B and 2C have huge market space

Management advantages

The company team has experience in operating listed companies, has a good knowledge structure, age structure, passion and innovation spirit, and has a rich operating history.

Founder Team


We are a professional team, to improve your business.